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November, 26 2012
Here’s a recap of the menu, but you have to read the full story to truly appreciate it. Breakfast – Bacon, Egg, Toast and Coffee Morning Snack - V-8 Lunch – Ham & Cheese, followed by BLT Afternoon Snack – Beer and Burger Dinner...Read More...
November, 18 2012
  Italy being a true Mecca of artisan foods, it is imperative that when you prepare Italian food you treat it with respect, both in the selection of ingredients and their use. Whenever I dine out I always look for items that I wouldn’t make at home....Read More...
October, 11 2012
  Vegetarian and gluten free are two terms that Chefs are keenly aware of and most aren’t fond of because it diverts attention from the “normal menu” in order to create some concoction in the middle of dinner service. These dietary challenges...Read More...

Who we are ...

Grow Culture is designed to promote healthy conversations between Farmers and Chefs, professional or amateur, so that they might blossom into mutually beneficial relationships. What could be more beneficial than establishing a personal relationship between the person deciding what is growing and the person determining what’s for dinner. Individual relationships can grow into an integrated community of food producers and preparers, ultimately benefiting everyone, including those who have the enviable role of eating the food.

By facilitating closer working relationships, we also eliminate a portion of the distribution chain, speeding up the process of getting fresh food to table and allowing for an improved profitability for the businesses at either end of the chain. The savings, which could easily remove 30-50% from the typical distribution expense, is available to producer and purchaser to improve their bottom lines and put higher-quality food within the reach of more and more people.

What's happening ...

About GROWN & Grow Culture
Grow Culture’s interest in innovative and superb culinary explorations grounded in sustainable local agriculture continues to evolve. Being able to “pop-up” when the talent and inspiration are aligned provides a unique, innovative dining experience.

Our public and private events have had such resounding support from the community, near and far, that we refocused these happenings through the refining vision of GROWN, a restaurant for the community.

Local sourcing of ingredients and celebrating artisanship in both the kitchen and field enable us to provide an exceptional dining experiences.

We appreciate food as well as those who grow and produce it and feel privileged to be able to share with our community. If you have ingredients to share, or the desire to be involved with the local, sustainable food movement, let’s connect. We look forward to hearing your ideas, and discussing and developing the possibilities.

Phone: (808) 722-6316
Facebook: growculturekauai
Twitter: @GrowCulture

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