Aloha all this is the planning page for the Grown restaurant concept. Included is the printed material shared at the meeting today. I would love to have you all post thoughts, comments, corrections, ideas here so that we have a central meeting spot for ideas and one copy of the material. I would like this to be in print asap so please speak soon or forever hold your piece.




A Restaurant for the Community

April 20-22 @ Waipa Foundation

friday 4-late, saturday 2-late, sunday 12-5

Grown is a conscious collaborative between the restaurant and agricultural communities created to expand the reality of affordable local cuisine.

Your support is essential in structuring what local food can become and continuing its evolution requires your active participation.

Grown will offer items under $8 to create an affordable dining alternative. This venue will enable artisans to continue working with passion, integrity and love. (808) 722-6316




Waipa Foundation - Location

Malama Kauai - Event

One Song Farm – Sun & Lisa

Nectar Gardens – Scott Pomeroy

Ono Organics - Ken Lindsey

Kauai Roots – Collin Dana

Kauai Pasta – Coltin Marikian

Westin – Jason Sessions

St Regis – Garrison Price

Kauai Ono – Justin Smith (808) 722-6316  



a restaurant for the community


Arpril 20-22

Friday 4-late, Saturday 2-late, Sunday 12-5


Earth Day Rising Festival @ Waipa Foundation

Grown is a 25 seat counter service restaurant serving locally sourced selections from $3-8 for everyone to enjoy. There will be eclectic non alcoholic beverages and snacks of various sizes. Only open for three days this is more than an oceanfront restaurant it’s a statement on what can be done locally, affordably an unparalleled experience for those who care about food

This collaborative effort will investigate the resources available currently on Kauai. Our goal is to improve the standards of Hospitality through supporting Agriculture. Our menu will be guided by the ingredients that are currently abundant during the third week in April and continue to evolve throughout the weekend.

There are a limited number of tickets being sold for camping and Saturday’s concert but dining will be available for all on Friday and Sunday with no charge to enter. Admittance to the camping for the weekend is $50, concert tickets for Saturday are $20 and can be bought online at                          (808) 722-6316


gprice04 15-Apr-2012
Looks awesome Colin, Colton and I are meeting at 12pm Sunday 4/15 @ Common Ground to discuss our menu items, everyone is welcome to join in on the discussion! We will be there...
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