December, 15 2011
I have been waiting for the enormity of the event to resonate with me until I wrote a summary to all of you who attended but am still not able to wrap my head around it. It was magical, inspiring, honest, wholesome and a whole lot more for me. Having it evolve from an idea into a reality so quickly was one of the highlights of my life. There were so many variables that could have gone some many different ways but they all came together like it was meant to and exceeded my expectations. Gratitude and appreciation are two words I cannot use enough to describe everyone involved, from those who came to dine to those who caught the fish or worked for free because they saw value in the experience. The openness of Sun and Lisa at One Song was an incredible foundation to work from, being surrounded by such beauty and knowledge was a source of inspiration for all who were involved. Quinten Frye, Kelvin Goss and Danny Kaaialii from Salt managed to take a two day "vacation" and embrace Kauai by sharing their skills and love of food. Duane Shimogawa from A’akukui Ranch couldn’t have timed his visit any better if we tried (which we didn’t have planned) but that is just one of the many things that fell into place just as it needed to making the evening something much more than just dinner. Grow Culture is meant to facilitate events and day to day operations that make it easier to put delicious, nutritious and...Read More...
November, 18 2011
Grow Culture’s premise is to unite Farmers and Chefs as well as diners and food in a more intimate way. By hosting our small 25 person gatherings on beautiful landscapes around Kauai and the other Hawaiian islands monthly, we are creating an experience and transforming “eating” back into “dining.” The series is beginning with our first gathering on December 8 th, featuring Chef Quinn Frye and Chef Jay Schnoover from Salt Tasting Room and 12 th Avenue Grill. The event will also feature wines from Johnson Brothers Wine Merchants of Hawaii from Australia and New Zealand, recently made available from Vine Street Imports paired under the direction of Sommelier Collin Darrell. The experience is meant to entertain, educate and satisfy by surrounding these Chefs with some of Kauai’s freshest and finest produce paired with artisan-crafted small production wines. Pure unmasked terroir in both food and beverage will commingle with explanations of what makes these items so special and why they taste the way they do. Location will be disclosed upon purchase of tickets, however it is on the North Shore of Kauai and will take place between 4-8pm on Thursday December 8 th . Tickets are $100 per person and are all inclusive covering the cost of the guest’s conversations over delicious food and wine. For more information about Grow Culture and the Table to Farm series please contact . If you have...Read More...
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