February, 05 2012

The Pot Luck provided an opportunity to share food with others who truly appreciate the quality of the ingredients and the care of the preparation. Sharing the products of our personal labor with others equally invested in what they brought to share led to many more interesting and heartfelt discussions than your typical pot luck.

Grow Culture’s premise is to unite Farmers and Chefs as well as diners and food in a more intimate way. By hosting our personal gatherings we are proactively transforming “eating” back into “dining.” The event was open to all levels of both industries with the hope that by surrounding local restaurants with local food producers we could begin to discuss ways in which we can work better together. The potential value of such conversations is obvious and no doubt they take place one to one, here and there, but no one has managed to orchestrate discussions among many Farmers and many Chefs - at least until now.

The Pot Luck also served as the venue for the inauguration of, a Virtual Farmers Market facilitating an alte ative, community-based distribution system.

If you have ingredients to share or the desire to be involved with the localized food movement  please get in touch. We look forward to further developing connections while continuing to lea

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