March, 03 2012

This being the first cocktail party I’ve ever thrown after working countless ones for others, I was extremely delighted with the results. Being able to actualize a vision as grandiose as this was asking a lot. I asked much from those who orchestrated the evening with me and also from the guests. Taking the menu and beverage selection out of their hands and trusting us is more than most are willing to do. We applaud their openness and hope that this trusting relationship will seep through the community and encourage others to follow their passion.

Common to all events and services is the focus on local, quality and innovation. So while our format may change - meaning this won’t be the only cocktail party, just the only one for a while - we will continue hosting more venues to showcase local talent in the kitchen and on the farm. These events are fueled by inspiration which doesn’t necessarily work on a monthly basis, but the next one is already in the works and will be coming your way just as soon as it's ready.

Dave and Garrison and I, with the assistance of Kyle Reutner at the bar and Coltin Marikian and Allison Gruber in the kitchen and dining room, displayed some remarkable feats. I truly feel that we would have given anyone a run for their money in the 1920’s and have hopefully brought back some classics that were in need of validation. Please keep in touch with any ideas, venues or talent that you might be privy to that could be a mutually beneficial to Grow Culture. Our focus is reuniting hospitality and agriculture, but our path will wander while finding our way truly understanding both. Your support is integral and once again appreciated, hopefully we will see you in and around our communities and at another Grow Culture event soon.

Please visit our partners for this event at their usual places of work to continue enjoying their company and talent.
Dave Power – The Feral Pig
Garrison Price – Kauai Grill @ St. Regis
Kyle ReutnerTown
 Coltin Marikian – Kauai Pasta Lihue
Allison Gruber – Java Kai
Na 'Aina Kai

Take a look at the incredible menu from this event.

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