May, 04 2012



For those of you who were in attendance at the Earth Day Rising Festival this beach shack will look a lot more familiar after three days of business. Our goal was to provide sustenance to those enjoying earth day weekend at Waipa with delicious, nutritious, local fare under $8. Our menus came through a collaboration between Grow Culture, St. Regis, Westin, Kauai Pasta and Kauai Ono. This culinary think tank developed some remarkable interpretations of what can be done with produce from Kauai. The forum to serve these dishes was built from bamboo removed as a service from a friend's property and was then retured to the land for land erosion purposes.

The dishes were served almost exclusively on banana flower petals and Ti leaves which reduced our waste as a restaurant to under 6 bags for three days of service (that’s really small). 

We wanted to look beyond just the sourcing of ingredients locally and towards building a more sustainable business.

Grow Culture has been working on so many events recently with a lot of questions about where this is all going so we gave it a name, Grown. This restaurant for the community will be built through the support of the same and will eventually settle down to a more concrete location. For the time being we're still enjoying the process of learning and developing into what the community needs.

The other part of Grown is revealing this valuable info for others to be inspired by and then apply. The recipes, profit and loss statement and all the sources of these ingredients will be displayed on the site soon.

If this meal or mentality is something that you’d like to become a part of, please send us your info so that we can make you aware of upcoming Grown appearances.

Thank you for accepting us into the restaurant and agricultural communities here on Kauai, we look forward to continuing to get to know all of you better.


Collin Darrell, Creation Director 



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