June, 02 2012

Sunday Supper was inspired by those meals that I remember growing up where the china and table cloths came out and dinner became an event not just a meal. It always looked more formal than it felt and was a time to enjoy the company at the table over food that was cooked with love.  With the romantic ambience that Caffé Coco embodies, the melodic sounds of Jeff Caldwell and the food receiving its fair share of love, our guests had a resoundingly positive evening.

This was our very first restaurant takeover or “traditional Pop-up”, if that exists yet.  The possibilities that are feasible when we can partner with an established restaurant are unimaginable.  We took a staff that had never worked together, a menu that was a one shot deal and increased the plate volume of the restaurant by about 600% - and it worked!  I owe more gratitude and thanks then I have space to write but know full well that without the dedication and passion that everyone contributed it wouldn’t have been such a pretty sight.

There were new friendships formed, memories created and it was once again more than just a meal.  If you made it we thank you for allowing our dreams to become realities, if you missed us then we look forward to having you at a future venue.

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