Search Tips

When entering search criteria, here are a few simple guidelines...

Entering one or more words returns items where any of the words are found.

Entering a string of characters with an asterisk results in items where that string is found and anything else in the place of the asterisk. For example, searching for harve* would find harvest, harvested, harvesting, etc.

When you want to find a specific phrase, surround it with double quotes. For example, "freshly picked" will result in items where the phrase is found, but will not return items where the words freshly and picked appear separately.

To search for items where specific words must appear, regardless of order, precede each word with a plus sign. For instance, searching for +hand +picked will return items where both words appear, though they may be anywhere within the title or descriptions. 

Finally, to specifically exclude items where a word is present, use the minus sign. Searching for pineapple -canned will return items where the word pineapple appears but the word canned does not.

Obviously, all sorts of creative searches may be constructed - have fun!

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